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Luxury Villa EMG Steinfurt Münster Enschede
Luxury Villa EMG Steinfurt Münster Enschede

Luxury Villa EMG the charm of a 1890 Dutch-style house once owned by the brewer family. Perfect for families and business traveler's. Admire the historical architecture while enjoying modern comforts. This spacious home offers a blend of elegance and functionality, making it an ideal retreat.

The villa boasts a total of 6 rooms, including 4 bedrooms, living and dining areas. Additionally, there is a kitchen and a library, sauna.

- Steinfurt city center 5 minutes walk
- Münster City and Airport (20 min by car)
- Emsdetten und Rheine (20 min by car)
- Saerbeck und Riesenbeck (20 min by car)
- Enschede NL (20 min by car)


The villa offers a total of 6 rooms, including:

- Living area with fireplace with 1 sofa bed
- Kitchen
- 1 double bedroom
- Bathroom with shower and WC
- Guest-WC
- Dinner or Meeting Room

- 3 double rooms
- Bathroom with tub, shower and WC
- Piano Room

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the house.

Luxury Villa EMG Steinfurt Münster Enschede

Nestled in the heart of charming Steinfurt, our holiday rentals offer a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural and natural beauty of the region. Known for picturesque landscapes and historical charm, Steinfurt invites leisurely walks, delightful local cuisine, and warm hospitality.

A short drive away, Münster provides a vibrant blend of history, art, and culture, including landmarks like the Münster Cathedral and the Prinzipalmarkt. Nearby, Tecklenburg's medieval charm with cobblestone streets and a captivating castle makes for a delightful day trip.

Osnabrück, a cultural gem in the vicinity, boasts museums like the Felix Nussbaum Haus and a well-preserved Old Town. Steinfurt is surrounded by the idyllic Münsterland countryside, offering picturesque cycling tours through traditional farms, enchanting castles, and serene lakes.

Enschede city, located not far from Steinfurt, in the Netherlands, adds another layer to your exploration, providing additional cultural and historical attractions.

Our villa serves as a comfortable home base for exploring these neighboring treasures. Whether seeking cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, or a peaceful retreat, Steinfurt and its surroundings, including Enschede, offer diverse experiences for every traveler.

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